Advice for Self Growth


y fall this year I will be turning twenty; something that has yet to hit me, but has become daunting as the days slowly roll by. Of course I am excited to be inching closer and closer to legalization of adulthood, but it also has me thinking about my life so far; the things I have done, the lessons I have learned.

Growing up can be hard sometimes but it is a work in progress. Since coming to college, I have had so many opportunities and experiences, and there have been many lessons that have helped me get through them all as I continue to grow. From learning to deal with roommates to learning more and more about myself through experiences. Yet there are a few that have stuck with me for a while that I think are very important. And I want to share them with you all. As I continue to grow, and you all as well there are a few words of advice that will help us through it.

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Be Open to Experience

As something that you hear everywhere, allowing yourself to be open to experience will surely be beneficial as you grow. You will be exposed to many opportunities laid out in front of you. So why not take advantages of them? Strive to be a doer and not just an observer, if you want something you cannot just sit around waiting for it to come to you. But remember to stay safe when in your search for new discoveries; do not be pressured into doing anything you do not feel comfortable doing, no matter how exciting it may sound. As I have gotten older and am halfway through college, I have allowed myself to take part in fun opportunities and am glad I took those risk because I have experience new things and met great people. Do not be afraid to take risk from time to time! You never know what greatness you may discover.

Find Comfort in Solitude

I myself am an introvert, so being on my own is something I am naturally comfortable with. And as I get older I have come to love my alone time and being able to enjoy my own company. If you are an extrovert, it may be difficult for you to spend time alone. But realize that being alone does not equate to loneliness. It is good to be able to be comfortable being by yourself. Especially because as we go through life, there will be many instanced where we are by ourselves. This gives great opportunity in discovering who you are as a person; seeing what you like, how you think, the list goes on. As you become more comfortable in your own solitude you will also find that you will have an increase in your personal self-reliance and overall self-confidence!

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Take Criticism Lightly

The best thing to learn in life is how to take criticism. Sometimes the truth hurts. But it is necessary for us to grow as individuals. Remember that not everyone is out to get you. They most likely have your best interest at heart. And even if they don’t, still do not get upset by the words they say. Think about what they said and ask yourself why would they say such a thing. 90% of the time those who give critique are seeing something that you are not seeing yourself.

Thanks for reading! What advice do you have for self growth?



5 thoughts on “Advice for Self Growth

  1. This encapsulates so much of what I believe in. I’ve spent years trying to become more comfortable with myself and being alone. So beautifully said.


  2. Yes! Being open to experiences is the best way to explore different opportunities and get to learn something new – definitely one very important advice for self-growth and improvement!
    – Sabrina |


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