Friday Flatlay | 1.27.17


hank goodness it’s Friday! Am I right? I sure am glad it is the weekend, I have so many errands to run! Nonetheless, this week had been pretty good. Finally had my first full week of classes, got to treat myself with a little retail therapy to get much-needed skin care and etc, etc. Also, for this week’s flatlay, I decided to go with this picture I took while getting an acai bowl instead (for the aestheic? haha).

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset get desktop wallpaper here

What’s Up?

Comfy Semi-Casual Clothing – This week’s clothing style has been a mix between comfy casual and semi dressy. If you know me, you would know that I would never leave house in sweats/leggings/yoga pants. I just really cannot. There is no particular reason, I just grew up being taught to always look my best when leaving the house, so I always put some effort into what I wear. That being said, I have found my way around this obstacle, especially with the cold weather and wearing pieces that are comfy yet still put together. And this week has been one of those weeks were I’ve just felt like being lazy in my outfits and opting for more casual looking pieces

Lack of sleep – with classes picking up, I have unfortunately sacrificed my need for proper sleep to keep myself up-to-speed. Or I find that I get caught up with endless internet and watching many YouTube videos and Netflix shows till I realize it has gotten really late. It has not taken much of a toll on me yet, since my classes are not very early allowing me to scrap together 5-6 hours of sleep. However, I will from now on be guarding my 8 hours with my life and making sure I go to bed earlier to get a sufficient amount of sleep.

Loves of the Week!

Track Suit Stlyed WideLeg Dress Pants – along with my week of comfort and coziness, these dress pants from H&M been the most comfy thing I have worn all week! They are styled like track suit bottoms which gives a semi-illusion of wearing sweatpants, but it you look up close you will see that they are actually made with light material of dress pants. They even have ankle zipper detailing and a cotton drawstring!

Blind Contour Floral Line Drawings – for my art class we have been starting out with a bunch of blind contour line drawings to get used to our hand motions. This is basically drawing an object while keeping your pencil on the paper and not looking at your paper, only focusing on the object. For our first homework we had to do blind contours of plants and flowers and I really liked doing drawings of those. The outcome is very artsy cute in the distortion.  I’m planning on making a few for a DIY wall art for my room (maybe even for the blog?)

Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion – my skin has been getting a little crazy with the uneven temperature here in the East coast and I have been having a few breakouts here and there. Since I stopped getting major acne I had switched to the regular Clinque toner. But, this time I decided to go back to the acne toner and I already saw a difference in my skin! Also, the added salicylic acid helps to exfoliate my skin a little more, which is great if you are experiencing a few dry spots like me!

How has your week been?



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