Meet Alex



Hey! My name is Alexandra, the creator of OH, So Alex. I’m an 19 year old college and lifestyle blogger with an obsession for organization and styling.

I started this blog through inspiration of other content creators as a way to let my ideas and thoughts flow. OH, So Alex is a place where I can share the things I love, from college to fashion, and hopefully reach out and relate to others. Hope you enjoy!


Business Inquiries:

You can reach me by email me at for any collaborative or sponsored posts, product reviews, etc. I’ll try to respond as soon as possible!

Fellow Bloggers:

I would love to collaborate with you. For any requests to do so you can contact me on the same email listed above!

Thanks for stopping by!



7 thoughts on “Meet Alex

  1. Thank you so much for reaching out to me on Twitter! I am in absolute love with your blog. The design is gorgeous and I’m super jealous of all your pictures because of how great they look. Your content is great and super helpful. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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